pdal/filters_greedyprojection 1.8.0

alg install pdal/filters_greedyprojection
Algorithm Description

The Greedy Projection filter creates a mesh (triangulation) in an attempt to reconstruct the surface of an area from a collection of points. GreedyProjectionTriangulation is an implementation of a greedy triangulation algorithm for 3D points based on local 2D projections. It assumes locally smooth surfaces and relatively smooth transitions between areas with different point densities. The algorithm itself is identical to that used in the PCL library. This algorithm is ported from the excellent PDAL - Point Data Abstraction Library. For more information please refer to https://pdal.io.





Name Description Data Type Required?
eps_angle Maximum normal difference angle for triangulation consideration. float
input_pipeline_json JSON pipeline which this will be added to. string
max_angle Maximum angle for created triangles. float
min_angle Minimum angle for created triangles. float
multiplier Nearest neighbor distance multiplier. float
num_neighbors Number of nearest neighbors to consider. integer
radius Search radius for neighbors. float
Name Description Data Type
output_pipeline_json Pipeline Json string

  • 1.8.0 (current)