pdal/filters_info 1.8.0

alg install pdal/filters_info
Algorithm Description

The info filter provides simple information on a point set as metadata. It is usually invoked by the info command, rather than by user code. The data provided includes bounds, a count of points, dimension names, spatial reference, and points meeting a query criteria. This algorithm is ported from the excellent PDAL - Point Data Abstraction Library. For more information please refer to https://pdal.io.





Name Description Data Type Required?
input_pipeline_json JSON pipeline which this will be added to. string
point A comma-separated list of single point IDs or ranges of points. For example “2-6, 10, 25” selects eight points from the input set. The first point has an ID of 0. point can’t be used with the query option. string
query A specification to retrieve points near a location. Syntax of the the query is X,Y[,Z][/count] where ‘X’, ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ are coordinate locations mapping to the X, Y and Z point dimension and ‘count’ is the number of points to return. If ‘count’ isn’t specified, the 10 points nearest to the location are returned. query can’t be used with the point option. string
Name Description Data Type
output_pipeline_json Pipeline Json string

  • 1.8.0 (current)