pdal/filters_outlier 1.8.0

alg install pdal/filters_outlier
Algorithm Description

The Outlier filter provides two outlier filtering methods: radius and statistical. These two approaches are discussed in further detail below. It is worth noting that both filtering methods simply apply a classification value of 7 to the noise points (per the LAS specification). To remove the noise points altogether, users can add a range filter to their pipeline, downstream from the outlier filter. This algorithm is ported from the excellent PDAL - Point Data Abstraction Library. For more information please refer to https://pdal.io.





Name Description Data Type Required?
class The classification value to apply to outliers. integer
input_pipeline_json JSON pipeline which this will be added to. string
mean_k Mean number of neighbors (statistical method only). integer
method The outlier removal method. string
min_k Minimum number of neighbors in radius (radius method only). integer
multiplier Standard deviation threshold (statistical method only). float
radius Radius (radius method only). float
Name Description Data Type
output_pipeline_json Pipeline Json string

  • 1.8.0 (current)