pdal/writers_gdal 1.8.0

alg install pdal/writers_gdal
Algorithm Description

The GDAL writer creates a raster from a point cloud using an interpolation algorithm. Output is produced using GDAL and can use any driver that supports creation of rasters. A data_type can be specified for the raster (double, float, int32, etc.). If no data type is specified, the data type with the largest range supported by the driver is used. This algorithm is ported from the excellent PDAL - Point Data Abstraction Library. For more information please refer to https://pdal.io.





Name Description Data Type Required?
bounds The bounds of the data to be written. Points not in bounds are discarded. The format is ([minx, maxx],[miny,maxy]). string
data_type The data type to use for the output raster (double, float, int32, uint16, etc.). Many GDAL drivers only support a limited set of output data types. The default value depends on the driver. string
dimension A dimension name to use for the interpolation. string
filename Name of output file. The writer will accept a filename containing a single placeholder character (#). If input to the writer consists of multiple PointViews, each will be written to a separate file, where the placeholder will be replaced with an incrementing integer. If no placeholder is found, all PointViews provided to the writer are aggregated into a single file for output. Multiple PointViews are usually the result of using filters.splitter, filters.chipper or filters.divider. string
gdalopts A list of key/value options to pass directly to the GDAL driver. The format is name=value,name=value,… string
input_pipeline_json JSON string from prior stages defining the input pipeline. string
nodata The value to use for a raster cell if no data exists in the input data with which to compute an output cell value. float
output_type A comma separated list of statistics for which to produce raster layers. The supported values are “min”, “max”, “mean”, “idw”, “count”, “stdev” and “all”. string
resolution Length of raster cell edges in X/Y units. float
window_size The maximum distance from a donor cell to a target cell when applying the fallback interpolation method. If the window_size option is non-zero, the values of a square of rasters surrounding an empty cell is applied using inverse distance weighting of any non-empty cells. integer
Name Description Data Type
output_fname Output Filename string
output_pipeline_json JSON string used to configure this PDAL stage. string

  • 1.8.0 (current)