stratus2019/apply_colormap 0.0.1

alg install stratus2019/apply_colormap
ColorMap GreyScale
Algorithm Description

Apply a colormap using seaborne to greyscale geotiff image (from resippy).




Name Description Data Type Required?
band Band number to apply colormap to. integer
desat Proportion to desaturate each color by. float
image_object Resippy geotiff image object to extract pixel values from. string
max_val Max value to apply colormap to. float
min_val Set the min value to apply colormap to. float
n_colors Number of colors in the palette. If None, the default will depend on how palette is specified. Named palettes default to 6 colors, but grabbing the current palette or passing in a list of colors will not change the number of colors unless this is specified. Asking for more colors than exist in the palette will cause it to cycle. integer
output_dir Path to directory to place colormapped image. string
palette Name of palette or None to return current palette. If a sequence, input colors are used but possibly cycled and desaturated. string
Name Description Data Type
geotiff_image_colormapped Geotiff Image Object (resippy) string
image_filename Path to image created. string

  • 0.0.1 (current)