stratus2019/train_cnn 0.0.1

alg install stratus2019/train_cnn
train neural network
Algorithm Description

Trains a convolutional neural network. It is assumed that data is broken into directories with the names "train" and "val" each of those directories contain subdirectories which hold images of a particular class. The subdirectory should have a name corresponding to the class of images it contains. Keras and Tensorflow are used to train a convolutional neural network that is passed to this algorithm. A trained model, and a text file containing an ordered list of corresponding labels is saved to the directory specified by the user.




Name Description Data Type Required?
base_chips_relative_dir None string
base_data_dir None string
base_save_dir None string
batch_size None string
cnn_model cnn to train string
n_epochs None string
relative_models_output_dir None string
Name Description Data Type

  • 0.0.1 (current)